Our family has wanted to create a home business together for years. “Together,” as in something every member of the household could participate in.

Chad had been a freelance writer for a long time, but writing is a rather solitary art form, and there was really no way to bring the kids into that process. But we’ve also had a lifelong love of audio drama, and have experimented with it from time to time. Audio drama was a favorite storytelling form of our family even before we were blessed with children, but has also captured the kids’ imaginations as they have grown up. Every age in our household has enjoyed the writing, recording, and producing process, some even getting involved as young as six months old.

So it seemed natural to combine the desire for a family business with our love of audio theater. Family Lore Audio Adventures is the result of that combination: our very own, Mom and Pop audio drama company, serving up home-grown tales of adventure, mystery, and fantasy. To help announce our brand new audio drama that’s about to be released, please answer the following question about your family:

What ages are the children in your family who listen to audio drama?

By answering this question in the comments below, you can enter into our special promotional drawing to win a Free Amazon Kindle Fire! We look forward to reading your comments, and don’t forget to go to our GIVEAWAY Page for additional chances to win, and help us spread the word about our new, three-part audio drama, The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery.