The shorter version of our trailer/preview (two minutes) of The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery, is now available on our YouTube channel, or you can view it right here, on this page.

Be sure to also check out our Extended Preview (five minutes) as well. The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery will be available December 8, 2015.

Here’s the story summary:

The Warfield family is sliding into the darkness of their age: bad news in the media, personal losses in the family, and the apparent end of Christian influence in the culture have made them ready to give in to despair. But a strangely hopeful radio broadcast at Christmas begins to bring back the light, and sends daughter Rebekah on a quest to solve the mystery of John the Broadcaster.

But enemies are dogging John’s trail, and it may be that the one voice of hope will be silenced forever. Meanwhile, it is becoming clearer to Rebekah that there is much more to this mysterious broadcaster than meets the ear. Join Rebekah and her family in a quest for hope in The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery. Available December 8, 2015 from Family Lore Audio Adventures.