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Available December 8, 2015


Introduction to Family Lore Audio Adventures and William Chad Newsom

Welcome to Family Lore Audio Adventures, where you’ll find all new, full cast audio stories for the whole family.

Written, performed, and produced entirely by William Chad Newsom and the Newsom Family of Liberty, North Carolina, Family Lore Audio Adventures serves up home-grown, original tales of adventure, mystery, and fantasy, available in high-quality downloads on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby, among many others.

Before launching Family Lore Audio Adventures, William Chad Newsom (the Dad!) spent more than a decade working as a freelance writer and author in his (rather limited) spare time. During those years, he wrote The Crown of Fire (historical novel for young readers based on the life of Polycarp), which was also translated into Turkish; Talking of Dragons: the Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis (family book on building a storytelling culture in the home); The Nicholas Book: A Legend of Santa Claus (another young reader’s novel); and Family Lore: Kindling a Love of Story in Children (forthcoming), as well as a number of published articles. He also contributed to several volumes of the Omnibus classical Christian curriculum series, where he wrote essays and class sessions on Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Melville, Tennyson, and more.

Chad and his wife Angela are the parents of seven children: six (Grace, William, Nathanael, Abigail, Kaitlyn, and Sarah) have already been born; one (Áberan Hope) is now with the Great Storyteller. Chad and Angela teach their children at their home in North Carolina.


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Below are several interviews or other media items of interest for Chad’s past work:

“Narnia’s Message to Young People” – The News and Record Interview

St. Anne’s Pub Interview

Veritas Press Author Interview

The C.S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga

The Good Morning Show Interview

Endorsements and Reader Reviews

See what readers of our work, as well as scholars, pastors, and authors, have to say about William Chad Newsom’s previous writings.

Reviews and Comments: The Crown of Fire

A stirring read for young people.”

“…very well researched and blends fact with fiction to make an exciting adventure story…”

“Reading The Crown of Fire was well worth it…I was captivated by the dialogue Newsom powerfully crafted…”

“…well written and chock full of fascinating history and well researched facts.”

“perfect reading material, especially the spiritual aspect of the book…[we’re] racing through the book and gaining a good bit of Church history at the same time!”

“…grabs the reader’s attention on page one, and then weaves an action-filled story through to the final page. Drawing from ancient records, William Newsom paints a vivid picture of life during the early days of the Christian church. Once into the story, it is hard to put it down…The accuracy of historical events in Newsom’s writing makes this an enthralling way to learn history.”

“Let yourself be transported to a world far different than our own through the writings of Newsom.”

“…a thrilling account of the history of the church in very late first and early second centuries.”

It is difficult to convey how much I loved this book. I plan to have my kids read it the next time we do Ancient Rome. I think that this is perhaps one of my favorite books ever. Mr. Newsom does a fantastic job of covering the feel of the early Church, the personalities involved, and the issues—along with the persecution—that the Church faced. A fantastic book for kids and adults alike.”

Reviews and Comments: The Nicholas Book

“Since I downloaded the book, I have never had a moment of peace with my niece who wants me to read and reread the book for her all the time even when it’s not bed time. The book actually brought back memories. It’s a wonderfully written book, one that every family needs to have for this Christmas.”

“My family downloaded and read this while traveling this weekend and what can I say? My 5 year old SAT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING and LOVED IT! He like short books and stories but he LOVED THIS ONE! I love how it brings out the real meaning of Christmas yet still allows the whimsy of Santa Claus. Awesome book that will DEFINITELY be a new family Christmas Tradition!!! Great author! Look forward to more from him in the future too!”

A great read for the child who needs more than just a “yes” or “no” to the great Santa question – and, perhaps more importantly, to the parent who wishes for some of that magic of Christmas to continue past the classic ‘Santa’ years. A pleasure to read.”

“This book is an amazing and unique telling of the legend of St Nicholas. It weaves together a rich and deep history, a captivating narrative, and a positively magical message. If you’ve ever wondered how to explain Santa Claus to yourself or your children this book is for you.”

“This is a delightful tale, with a lovable family, in an interesting town. The mystery makes the book a page-turner, and the discovery of the answers to the questions posed regarding Santa keep one reading to the last page.

“…a fun read… the story is a good one and well written….”

Reviews and Comments: Talking of Dragons: The Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

Newsom understands the meaning of story for a Christian…As long as we rely on the Grace of the Logos, we will do well and good, and the whole of western and Christian civilization may very well be renewed, refreshed, and reformed. Armed with imagination and devout dedication to Christ, Tolkien, Lewis, and Newsom are leading the way. Swords drawn, let us follow…and slay dragons.”

“William Chad Newsom has accomplished some very important work with this book. Many modern Christian parents do not grasp the importance of story to their children’s spiritual and moral health. But not just any story will do. Using the stories of two of the twentieth century’s most gifted and important story-tellers, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, Newsom provides very shrewd and practical help to parents who want to grow in their love of story, along with their children.”

This readable book is excellent for parents who wish to have a deep quality of communication with their children. It will also be very useful for librarians and primary school teachers, and those in churches who have responsibilities with children. The author has a firm grasp of the books of Tolkien and Lewis for children, and why they are such powerful examples of Christian writing for today’s world. William Chad Newsom reminds us to savour and treasure the work of two great storytellers who were masters of incarnating Christian meaning in powerful and enduring symbols.”

“Newsom…puts [Tolkien and Lewis] in their context as Inklings, as well as in that as Christians, and he is knowledgeable about the SilmarillionHe ties Tolkien’s books…into the larger context when possible, and makes the expected connections…Newsom is a bit wizardly himself in the moral lessons he pulls out of [Roverandom and Mr Bliss]. He carries more confidence in discussing the unexpected consequences of Bilbo’s luck.”

Product Information

Available December 8, 2015

Introduction and Launch Date

The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery is the premier audio drama for Family Lore Audio Adventures, and is a family-friendly story aimed at kids 8 and up, along with their parents. The Second Kingdom will be available for purchase on December 8 2015.

Short Summary

The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery is a family-friendly mystery story with elements of science fiction and fantasy. This three-part audio drama follows the Warfield family as they investigate the mystery of John the Broadcaster and an unexpected message of hope in a time of darkness.

Full Summary

The Warfield family is sliding into the darkness of their age: bad news in the media, personal losses in the family, and the apparent end of Christian influence in the culture have made them ready to give in to despair. But a strangely hopeful radio broadcast at Christmas begins to bring back the light, and sends daughter Rebekah on a quest to solve the mystery of John the Broadcaster.

But enemies are dogging John’s trail, and it may be that the one voice of hope will be silenced forever. And it is becoming clearer to Rebekah that there is much more to this mysterious broadcaster than meets the ear. Join Rebekah and her family in a quest for hope in The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery.


Below you can view both our standard, two-minute preview, and our extended, five-minute preview of The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery.


Product Format

Family Lore Audio Adventures are available in high-quality MP3 downloads on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby, among many others.

Product Specs

The Second Kingdom Book I: A Christmas Mystery consists of three episodes, each around 30 minutes long. These three episodes are sold together in an album format along with bonus featurettes not available elsewhere.

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Also available in December are two shows for younger children:

The Newsom Kids Radio Show, Featuring Forgotten Bible Stories

The Nate and Abi Show: Angel Flight

These shorter, single episode shows can be purchased separately from the Second Kingdom download album. Click the titles above for more information.

Media Resources

We are actively seeking interview opportunities on websites, blogs, and podcasts, especially those with a focus on Christian audio/radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey, or home education, as we believe such sites will have a special (though not exclusive) interest in our shows.

We greatly appreciate those of you who will help us with interviews, reviews, and social media shares, so to make it as easy on you as possible, we have provided the following resources to help you help us.

Sample Interview Topics/Angles/Questions

Interviews can focus on the fact that our shows are completely homegrown: we write, produce, perform, and direct our shows in our tiny library/studio in our family home, with little help outside our immediate household. Apart from some of the music and some of the sound effects, we put it all together ourselves (we’re also doing more and more of the music ourselves, too). This may be of interest to families out there who dream of doing something similar.

We’re fans of Adventures in Odyssey and other family audio dramas, so you may find it interesting to explore how Odyssey inspired us to create our own audio adventures, along with similarities—and differences—between Odyssey and Family Lore Audio Adventures. We will be blogging about audio drama, Odyssey, and related subjects, at our website,

Below are some sample questions you may wish to consider:


How did Family Lore Audio Adventures get started?

How easy or difficult is it for an ordinary family to put together their own show?

Talk about the process of producing an audio drama without a big budget, or corporate support.

How long has your family been listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

How has Odyssey inspired your shows?

How are your shows similar to Odyssey?

How are they different?

What are some of the themes explored in The Second Kingdom?

Why is hope such an important idea for Christians, and how do you see the Christian hope being undermined in our age?

How do you hope to help Christian families with this audio series?


These are only suggested questions, and we welcome others you may wish to ask.

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Who is John the Broadcaster? Solve the mystery in new family Christmas audio drama The Second Kingdom. #secondkingdom

Love family-friendly audio drama? Get the all new three-part Christmas Mystery, The Second Kingdom. #secondkingdom

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