Welcome to Family Lore Audio Adventures, where you’ll find all new, full cast audio stories for the whole family.

Written, performed, and produced entirely by William Chad Newsom and the Newsom Family of Liberty, North Carolina, Family Lore Audio Adventures serves up home-grown, original tales of adventure, mystery, and fantasy, available in high-quality downloads on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby, among many others.

The family actors include Grace (14), William (12), Nathanael (9), Abigail (7), Kaitlyn (3), and Sarah (seven months), along with parents Chad and Angela (married 22 years). And there are a few other wonderful family members and friends who do a bit of acting for us, asking nothing more in return than homemade dinners or Reese’s Cups (so far).

We are a family of home educators who love Chesterton, Lewis, Tolkien, old movies, Adventures in Odyssey, drawing pictures of wildly imaginative inventions, and reading good books. And we love making homemade audio dramas that we hope you will enjoy hearing.

But there’s more to it than just the fun we have in making these shows, something more that motivates us. We live in an age where we are being told that the time of the Church is past, that the light that once guided our people and culture has been extinguished forever.

We disagree. “It is history that teaches us to hope,” a great man once said. And another great man said something similar:

“A hundred tales of human history are there to show that tendencies can be turned back, and that one stumbling-block can be the turning point. The sands of time are simply dotted with single stakes that have thus marked the turn of the tide.”

Our audio adventures are built around this idea of the coming “turn of the tide.” We hope they will be an encouragement to you, and your family.

Daddy and the kids recording some outdoor sound effects during the making of The Newsom Kids Radio Show.